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Bird Houses & Feeders

Golf Rose Pet Store carries wild bird seeds from Prince-Corporation. Prince-Corp brands, such as Nature’s Select and America’s Favorite, offer premium lines of bird seed made with clean, fresh ingredients mixed to attract beautiful birds to your yard.

Interested in hummingbirds and other nectar-loving species? We have nectar mixes available, too.  Visit the store to see our entire selection of bird food or contact Golf Rose if you’re looking for a particular seed blend or nectar.

Bird houses and feeders from Golf Rose Pet Store will keep you and your wild birds happy. We have feeders to hold whatever type of seed or nectar you use in order to best attract your favorite birds. Nature’s Select feeders are available in 100% cedar, polywood and stainless steel in shapes such as an outhouse, traditional birdhouse, tube or a chapel.

Droll Yankees bird feeders include special technology to deter squirrels and other wildlife from eating your seed.  

Below are examples of some of our bird houses and feeders. Visit Golf Rose Pet Store to see all houses and feeders that we carry.

If you enjoy watching squirrels or want to keep bats around to help with bugs, Golf Rose has the supplies you need to support other wildlife, too. Visit Golf Rose Pet Store to see our bat houses, squirrel food and other backyard wildlife supplies.

Bird & Backyard Wildlife Supplies

Other Backyard Wildlife Supplies

Wild Bird Seed & Nectar

Backyard wildlife can be as much a part of your family as your dog or cat. Golf Rose Pet Store has the backyard wildlife supplies you need to transform your yard into a lovely home for birds, squirrels and other critters.