If your veterinarian recommends a prescription diet for your cat or kitten, you can stock up at Golf Rose Pet Store. We have wet and dry prescription cat and kitten food for your specific needs. Our prescription foods cover it all, from urinary tract and kidney health to weight management and digestion sensitivities. Below is a sample of some of the prescription cat foods we carry. Contact Golf Rose Pet Store to see if we carry your cat’s prescription food. 

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Everyone enjoys a tasty treat from time to time, and Golf Rose Pet Store stocks cat treats that are both delicious and nutritious. Refill toys with loose catnip for occasional fun, or stock up on healthy snacks to help with training. Looking for something to help with dental hygiene? We have dental treats, too! Visit the store to see our entire selection of cat treats.

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We know you care about what goes into your cat’s food, and we do, too. That’s why at Golf Rose Pet Store, we only carry responsibly sourced cat and kitten food. Our selection is made in the United States and Canada with some ingredients sourced from select European countries. In addition to responsible sourcing of ingredients, you can rest assured that your cat is eating only the best manufactured food because it is held to high U.S. and Canadian standards. The cat and kitten foods at Golf Rose Pet Store have more nutrition and less by products than others.

We have an array of food options so you can find something your cat will enjoy.

  • Focus on specific types of proteins such as turkey, salmon or duck.
  • Opt for minimal-ingredient or grain-free foods.
  • Choose wet or dry food to appeal to your cat’s preference or dietary needs.

Keep in mind that switching to a new cat food should be a gradual process. If you need advice on how to wean your cat off of its current food, contact the Golf Rose staff.

Below is a small sample of our cat and kitten food options. Visit the store to see our entire selection.​