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Cat Toys

Although cats do tend to groom themselves, you can help with the upkeep. Regularly brushing your cat and trimming his nails helps avoid matting and painful nail breaks. In addition to brushes and nail clippers, Golf Rose Pet Store has dental products to help keep your cat’s mouth fresh.

Golf Rose Pet Store carries everything you need to maintain a happy, healthy home for your cat. Visit the store today to browse our cat essentials including toys, grooming supplies and other around the house necessities. If you’re bringing home a cat for the first time, ask our staff for a “must-have” list to guide your shopping.

Cats love to play, and it’s good for them, too! Stock up on small items they can chase, like feather and string toys as well as lightweight balls. As a special treat, keep some cat nip toys handy, too. These refillable toys are a great reward for your cat.

Cat Toys, Grooming Supplies & Necessities

Grooming Supplies

Around the House – Bowls, Beds, Scratching Posts & Cleaning Products

Transform your house into a home for your cat with a new water and food bowl, scratching posts and a comfortable place for him to sleep. Golf Rose Pet Store carries an array of products that your cat will use daily. Visit the store for our full selection of cat and kitten essentials.

Bringing a new animal into your home can introduce new messes, but we also have products to help keep your home tidy. Our cat litter mats help pull excess litter off of your cat’s paws so that it doesn’t get tracked through the house. They work great under food and water bowls, too.  We also have a full line of stain remover and cleaner, because as much as we don’t like them, accidents do happen.