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If your veterinarian recommends a prescription diet, we have the foods you need. Our prescription dog food selection includes weight loss dog food, food for dogs with skin sensitivities and foods that focus on digestive, kidney and urinary tract health.  Below is a sample of the prescription brands we carry. Contact Golf Rose Pet Store to see if we carry your dog's food.

At Golf Rose Pet Store, you’ll only find dog and puppy food that is made in the United States and Canada with some ingredients sourced from select European countries. The responsible sourcing of ingredients combined with manufacturing held to high U.S. and Canadian standards ensures that your dog is eating only the best, most natural food available. Our foods have more nutrition and less byproducts than others. We have foods specific to any type of diet:

  • Focus on specific types of proteins such as lamb, poultry or beef.
  • Opt for minimal-ingredient or grain-free foods.
  • Choose wet or dry food to appeal to your dog's preferences.

Remember, switching dog food brand should be a gradual process. If you’re interested in making the switch to something we carry, ask our staff for weaning advice. Below is a sampling of the foods we carry. Contact us for our current selection.

For approximately the first year of their lives, puppies need additional protein to help them grow into strong dogs. Golf Rose Pet Store offers responsibly sourced puppy foods to get your new friend on the right track. Below  is a sampling of our selection. Visit the store to see all puppy food products that we carry.

Not sure where to start? Consult your veterinarian or one of the Golf Rose Pet Store staff for guidance.

Puppy Food

Responsibly Sourced Dog Food

Prescription Dog Food