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A regular grooming routine is important in keeping your dog happy and healthy. Even if you regularly bring your dog to a professional groomer, it’s a good idea to keep shampoo, nail trimmers and a brush on-hand for in between your scheduled appointments. At Golf Rose Pet Store, we carry a variety of shampoos specific to your dog’s fur and skin needs. We also carry dental products so you can brush your dog’s teeth and help maintain a fresh mouth between cleanings.

Grooming Supplies

Help make your dog comfortable in your house by turning it into a home for him. That means stocking up on the things he needs to live comfortably such as a clean, new water and food bowl, a leash for walks and a comfortable place to sleep.

Additionally, it’s likely you’ll have occasional accidents or messes to clean up, but that doesn’t mean your house has to be stinky or stained. While at the Golf Rose Pet Store, stock up on cleaning supplies made specifically for pet stains. Accidents happen, but we’ll help you prepare for them.

Playtime is essential to your dog’s healthy lifestyle, and if you don’t provide toys, your dog is sure to find something to play with in your home. Prevent destruction of your favorite shoes by providing him with a plush or chew toy from Golf Rose Pet Store. We carry favorite plushes such as Lambchop and sock monkeys as well as durable Kong brand toys that withstand sharp teeth and strong pulling. 

Toys, Grooming Supplies & Dog Necessities

Around the House – Bowls, Leashes, Beds, Mats & Cleaning Products

Golf Rose Pet Store carries all of the essentials you need to maintain a healthy, happy home for your dog. Stop in the store to browse our toys, grooming supplies and other around the house necessities. Bringing home a dog for the first time? Ask our staff to guide you through the “must-haves” for any dog owner.

Dog Toys

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