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Training your puppy or adult dog

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Getting a new puppy is a fun and exciting time for a family- until he goes to the bathroom indoors, jumps up on you and your guests, barks and chews, and doesn't seem to speak your language. Puppy training WILL help! 

Dog Training Now is a spacious dog training facility right down the street from Golf Rose! Their trainers are wonderful and will teach your dog or puppy to be a good and respectful pet. When the trainers meet you and your dog for the first time, they will discuss your goals and develop a plan that offers a proven solution.

Stop by the training facility sometime- you will be impressed as you watch the many dogs there practicing commands.

Great News for families who own adult dogs...that could lean a few tricks!

Obedience training is one of the most important aspects of raising a happy and safe pet. Training serves to strengthen the bond between you and your dog by building communication, understanding,  mutual respect, and subtly but effectively demonstrating that you're the leader of the pack. If your dog doesn't respect you as his leader, you may both be in big trouble, particularly if he's a bit rowdy or dominant by nature.

The basic elements - sit, down, stay, come, and heel - help produce a good canine citizen. A well-behaved, obedience trained dog is a pleasure to own because he can go virtually anywhere without being a risk or nuisance to others. Don't we all want a dog who exhibits appropriate behavior in a crowd, good manners when we have guests in our home, is reliable around children, and who doesn't threaten other dogs or passers-by?

Obedience isn't just for puppies. Many families that visit us at the hospital have adult dogs with behavior problems and are looking for help.  Dog training facilities can be very helpful. The trainer will listen to your concerns and make some suggestions for a class you and your pet can take. There are other, more intensive programs available for your pet such as Dog Boot Camp.