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Specialty Dog Treats

Bulk Dog Treats

Stock up on tasty treats in bulk from Golf Rose Pet Store. Our bulk dog treat selection offers an array of flavors and shapes. If your dog likes a little bit of everything, mix and match for the ideal bag of goodies. Some of our biscuit flavors include peanut butter, strawberry, cheddar and apple/carrot. Bulk treats are $7 per pound and a great way to celebrate a special occasion for your pup.

Bones & Chews

Whether you’re looking for tasty training bites, long-lasting dental chews or a specialized goody bag for your dog’s birthday, you’ll find it at Golf Rose Pet Store. Visit today to see our entire selection of dog treats, dog bones and chews. 

In addition to bulk treats, we have specialty treats with enhanced flavors and purposes. Browse treats filled with flavors your dog will love such as peanut butter, cheddar, bacon and maple.

We also have an array of treats made to enhance your dog’s health and dental hygeine. Ask about our line of treats dedicated to skin and coat or hip and joint health or treats with mint that help freshen your dog’s breath.

If your dog is new to the family, consider our line of training treats. The little nibbles are perfect for encouraging good behavior.

Dog Treats, Bones & Chews

Dogs love to chew. It’s in their nature, and it’s good for their teeth. We carry natural bones and chews to appeal to all dogs’ tastes. Browse our selection of filled and unfilled rawhides, flavored rawhide sticks, pig ears, bully sticks and rawhide substitutes. Not sure where to start? Talk to your veterinarian or one of our Golf Rose Pet Store staff for recommendations based on your dog’s dietary needs.

We also sell specialized dental chews ideal for dental hygiene upkeep between formal dental exams. These chews are specially formulated to help remove plaque and tartar buildup and freshen breath.