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Sweaters are perfect for pets who enjoy wearing clothing indoors and outside, and they make for festive holiday photos, too. Look for one that has a leash hole to keep your pet warm during chilly walks. Some of the sweaters have decorative buttons and others feature knit designs. Consider these details when choosing a sweater that your pet will enjoy wearing, not chewing. 

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In addition to full body sweaters and coats, Golf Rose Pet Store also has a selection of winter accessories. Protect your pet’s paws with some waterproof, all-weather booties or add some style to their wag with a fashion scarf that is both trendy and functional.

Pet Sweaters

Waterproof Pet Coats

In addition to pet clothes and accessories, we have pet-friendly ice melt. We know that Chicagoland winters can be brutal, but traditional salts can be harsh on your pets’ paws. If you need to de-ice your steps, sidewalk, driveway or patio, choose something that is eco-friendly and safer for your pets such as our Green Paws Ice Melt. It’s environmentally friendly and effective in extremely low temperatures. Green Paws ice melt is less corrosive than traditional rock salt and safe for pets. Plus, its green color helps reduce overuse. 

Seasonal Pet Supplies

Our coats feature waterproof shells and reflective tape for added safety in the dark. A waterproof coat is ideal for rainy and snowy days. They’re a smart choice if you want to keep your pet warm while outdoors, but they aren’t a fan of wearing clothing indoors.  

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Keep your pet trendy and warm this winter with a new sweater, coat, scarf or booties from Golf Rose Pet Store. Our seasonal pet supplies come in an array of sizes and styles so you can find something ideal for your pet’s lifestyle and fashion sense. We also carry pet-friendly ice melt for those snowy winter months.

Pet Boots and Scarves