Spicy Cat Boot Camp

Golf Rose Spicy Cat Boot Camp

As a result of being a stray intake facility, Golf Rose has the pleasure of reuniting families with their pets on a regular basis. When we do not find the original owner, most often, we work with a local rescue group to take the animal. If an animal is in generally good health and has a decent (“adoptable”) temperament, a rescue group will usually have no problem taking the animal.

The challenge comes when we have an animal that presents itself as aggressive, non-personable or mean. These pets may have been scared while lost on the streets. They may come from abusive homes or simply have been alone for most of their lives and do not know how to socialize with other animals, including humans. Our primary goal at Golf Rose Animal Services is to save as many pets as possible, that includes the ones that come to us as what others may consider “not adoptable.”

This is what prompted our Spicy Cat Boot Camp. A “spicy cat” is one whose temperament is a bit sassy and aggressive. They may prefer to be alone, or they may just not know how to interact with others. Our Inventory Manager, Haley, runs the Boot Camp. When a “spicy cat” comes to Golf Rose, Haley works closely with them to determine if they can be retrained and adopted to a good home.

Every “spicy cat” is different, but we handle each with care and caution. We have a specific room dedicated to these cats where we play soothing music and create a relaxing environment for them. Haley starts their process by talking softly to them and “petting” them with cat wands or other extensions of her hand before eventually working to carefully pet the cat. Cats get graded daily based on the progress they are making, with the ultimate goal of getting them “adoption ready.” To date, 8 cats have graduated Golf Rose’s Spicy Cat Boot Camp and gone to local cat rescues, 6 have found their forever homes and 2 are still waiting at rescues.

Haley with one of our graduates
“Spicy cat” Hector chilling at Boot Camp
Hector before Boot Camp
Hector after Boot Camp