My Pet is Lost

I’ve lost my pet, what do I do? 

If you live within the borders of the towns listed on the lost and found pet’s page, and your pet is lost, we offer the following advice in finding your pet:

1. Contact the non-emergency Police Department telephone number within your town. Indicate to them your pet is lost and give them the following:

  • Breed or predominant breed in a mixed species
  • Color/markings
  • Sex (spayed or neutered)
  • Date and location you last saw your pet
  • Collar/tag/microchip info
  • Telephone number and address.

When you call a police department, Dispatch and Officers may be responding to several life threatening or other serious emergencies at one time. Your pets are important to them; however, they may not have time to discuss your pet in detail. Be descriptive and to the point. Check back with them regularly and be sure to speak with towns surrounding your area as well, your pet does not know city boundaries. The Dispatchers will keep in contact with their officers regarding lost pets. 

Be sure the picture you send us is clear and shows identifying marks.

Please be certain that you send a clear picture of your pet to us so we can easily see what they look like. It is also helpful to have a picture of any unique, and identifying marks on your pet. 

Tip: We recommend that you take some good quality photos of your pet and store them on your cell phone or personal computer should you ever need to send it to us. 

2. Locate a digital picture of your pet. Email a picture with the information listed above to [email protected]

Call Golf Rose Pet Lodge at (847) 885-2122 to see if your pet has been brought to us for safe keeping. Our animal control administrators get emails Monday through Saturday.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Many times breed discrepancies and opinions of descriptions of pets occur due to different interpretations. If your pet has been found and brought to Golf Rose for safekeeping,these pictures really help

3. Check with your neighbors.  Many times your dog or cat is just a few doors away. 

4. Place a “Lost” ad in The Daily Herald Newspaper/

  • We check these sites often as do local rescue groups who have a tremendous network of contacts in returning lost dogs and cats.

5. Your dog was most likely not stolen. Most dogs simply wander off because of an open door or gate. Pet theft is an extremely rare occurrence. 

6. Stay in Contact with Golf Rose and your police department. Please call us 847-885-2122 if you have lost your pet. After hours, please call the Animal hospital 847-885-3344