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Golf Rose Pet Lodge – Lost and Found Pets

Please note: All animals must be brought in by the police department of the town they were found.

Please call the police department in that town and let them know you have found a lost animal. (847) 885-2122

Golf Rose provides Animal Control for the following government agencies. Click on the department to be directed to their website.

What happens to the animals if the owner is not found? All of our adoptable stray animals who have been held beyond the time period prescribed by the local authority having jurisdiction are made available to State Licensed Humane Societies. 

If you are interested in an animal in our care please contact Golf Rose at (847) 885-2122 and leave your name and phone number. Your information will be transferred to the adoption agency once they accept the animal. You will then work with them directly to establish the requirements for adopting an animal. Please be sure to support your local animal rescue organization. The Volunteers who operate animal adoption organizations utilize their own time and resources to facilitate rescuing pets. At Golf Rose we handle the first 7 days, after that, we rely heavily on their kind generosity and efforts to assist us with all of these homeless pets. Donating money, time and perhaps your home to these organizations are always greatly appreciated. 

My Pet is at Golf Rose:

1. Contact Golf Rose at (847) 885-2122 or [email protected] Let the staff know that we may have your pet. Email a picture with your name, address, and phone number. If you call after hours, please leave us a brief message with your name, and phone number, we will return your call.  
2. Find Your Pet’s current vaccine information. If your pet was taken to Golf Rose for running at large, you will be required to furnish rabies vaccine information. State Law requires all pets be current on their Rabies Vaccination. Your dog or cat must be current on its rabies vaccination prior to release. If it is not current, a vaccine will be administered by a veterinarian prior to your pets release at your cost. Many people ask why this is required. This is a State requirement. The State of Illinois enforces Rabies Vaccines for a very good reason. Rabies is fatal, if not caught in time you or your pet will die if they contract the Rabies Virus. Rabies is very rare because the State and County enforce Rabies Vaccines very effectively. But Rabies is active, we have multiple positive Rabies tests in animals every year right here locally. The Police and Golf Rose are simply enforcing the rules that are required to by the State. These rules are for your protection. *Upon every animals arrival by the police department, unless tags or microchip are present where records can be traced, they are given a canine distemper vaccine for dogs and a feline distemper vaccine for cats at the owners expense. This is to ensure your pet and other pets in our facility are protected from harmful diseases and viruses.
3. Find your pet’s microchip information. If your pet was running at large and is not microchipped, they are required to be microchipped and registered to you prior to release at your expense. If your pet was brought to us for safekeeping in the event of a car accident, arrest, home issues or any other reason than running at large, your dog or cat may be exempt from the Rabies, Distemper and microchip requirement. We use AVID brand microchips. The AVID registry is the most comprehensive and easiest to utilize.
4. You will be required to visit your police department prior to the release of your pet in most cases. Elgin residents are not required to visit the police department prior to claiming their pet and may proceed to Golf Rose. You are required by law to redeem your pet and pay the fees for the care of your pet while he or she was cared for in your absence. Golf Rose staff will indicate the fees required when you call as every municipality has different requirements. Golf Rose only accepts Cash, Debit or Credit Cards for animal control services.
5. Your pet can only be released during the following hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 7:30am-5:30pm Wednesday 7:30am-3:30pm Saturday 7:30am-1:00pm. The staff who is trained on the laws and requirements are only available during the above hours. Our on site staff cares for your animal outside of the hours, but cannot release your dog or cat.
6. A thank you to the officer who found your pet is always appreciated. Be sure to thank your local police department for providing animal control services. It is their generosity that provides the manpower and financial means to care for your pet if they become lost.